The Chailife Luminary


A holiday luminary that lasts the whole year



Enjoy the holidays all year ’round. While we aren’t all together like usual, our hearts are with our families and friends this season more than any other season past. These holiday lanterns bring a little light to remind them of you now. Luminaries come 4 to a pack, approximately 6×6″, with 4 water-activated floating tea lights in the box. All designs are heavy plastic that come flat and open as easy as a paper bag will. All are heavy plastic designs that come flat and open as east as a paper bag will. Fill with water, add flowers, accept complements! All sets are lightweight and easy to pack and mail. If we mail your gift directly to your recipient, we will slip a card inside telling them who sent them this fabulous gift.

Luminaries can be used as lanterns or vases!

Only luminaries  are available at this time. Vases are sold out for the season.

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