Rectangular Labels and Memorial Plates, 3 lines

Rectangular Labels and Memorial Plates, 3 lines


Engraved garden label with stake

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3-line Standard and Extra Long Tags
3-line rectangular tags allow you to include more information on each label. Standard tags are approximately 2.75" long x 1.75" high. The extra long tags are larger than our standard specialty plant labels and are best used with a lot of print or when you want to remember a loved one or honor a donor. Approximately 4 inches wide, 1-3/4" high, they are made from UV stable plastic suitable for outdoor usage. These plates include up to 3 lines of easily readable engraving. Fonts sizes will be adjusted to accommodate the message.
Our deep forest green color is most popular, with black and pale green also available. A maximum of 20 characters can be printed on your first line, 24 on the 2nd line and 28 on the 3rd lines. Some variation is permitted as I can adjust font sizes to fit your label.
Additional sizes and customizations are available--please contact us for availability and pricing.

FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED ON YOUR LABEL ORDER!! Note: When you order your labels, you will type the quantity and names of your plants, then click "Add new" below your first item and you will get additional spaces to type more names. When done, remember to add your list to the cart. Note 2: You can also order by selecting your style and color, then totaling your requested style labels and writing "see email" in the plant description box. Complete your order online. Then, send your Word or Excel files to me at


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