Padre Luminary and Vase Set


Stained glass, holiday gift is great with red flowers


Cool Padre is a great gift for entertaining. Keep it on the patio, use for a party and have fun with them. Luminary lanterns (in 4 packs) expand with water and include 4 floating, flameless candles. All lanterns are expandable and collapsible for easy and flat storage. No glass, no breakage. Lanterns are approximately 6×6″ with lanterns and 4 lights. Vases are approximately 6 x 10″. All are heavy plastic designs that come flat and open as east as a paper bag. Fill with water, add flowers, accept complements!

The Cool Padre set contains 4 lanterns, 4 lights and a matching vase.
You can also purchase the luminary or vase separately in the drop-down box above. The price will adjust accordingly when you make your selection.

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Weight 1 lbs


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