“Blooms” Bionic Garden (& more) Gloves


Bionic’s best-selling goatskin palm glove for gardening & sports

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Bionic brings comfort and dexterity to an everyday use garden glove. ‘Blooms’ were designed by a hand surgeon and are loved by gardeners because of their durability and comfort. Dig in them, pull weeds…play in the dirt while your hands feel great.  Customers tell us the Blooms last, and some say they use them while biking, visiting the gym and with so many more activities.

Washable, goat skin on the palms and silicone fingertips for durability and a great grip. Top of the palm is spandex in attractive colors…lime green, pink, purple for women and hunter green for men. Men’s medium is also available in pink and purple–this glove tends to run small. Also, if you have long fingers, please choose the next size up when you check our size chart. This glove is available in men’s sizes medium through 3XL.

Add a second Bionic glove or one of our high-tech pruners to your order and get free shipping. 

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in


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