Products FAQS



Do Bionic Gloves fit like other gloves?

No. Please use the sizing chart and measure around your palm loosely. Bionic gloves are sized quite small and you will probably wear a size much different (bigger) than you expect. Bionic gloves are manufactured by Louisville Slugger and are, therefore, subject to athletic sizing –tighter fitting than most other gloves. Contact me if you have questions about sizing.

Do not worry about your glove size. Bionic does not make a small men’s glove and men that might wear a small glove will often wear a women’s xl size.  Additionally, many women wear men’s Bionic gloves. For that reason, we carry an extended size range. Rose gloves are available to a men’s size 5XL. Tough Pro gloves are available to 6XL. Contact me if you have questions about sizing.

Additional sizing tips for Bionic gloves:

Women: If you have very long fingers or long nails, order the next size.

If you are purchasing the Rose glove, we recommend you order 1 size larger then the chart suggests because these gloves will need to be pulled over your wrist.

If you are purchasing the Classic glove, it is even smaller than other Bionic gloves–order 2 sizes larger. For example, if you order a men’s large short rose glove, order the men’s XXL Classic glove.

Should my gloves feel tight when I first get them?

Your gloves should pull on fairly easily and they should be able to be removed easily, even in the summer when you are hot and sweaty. The gloves should allow for free movement of your hands and they should not be so tight as to make it difficult to close your hand. Note, if your gloves are tight when you first receive them, you will have extra finger length. The finger length will be correct in your new gloves. Please contact us  if the gloves are too tight and we will gladly exchange them.

Can I exchange my Bionic Gloves for a different size or style?

Yes. Just contact us for instructions on returning the gloves. Then, return the glove in new, sellable condition and in the original packaging.  Although you will pay postage for returning the gloves, I will pay the postage to mail the new gloves back to you.                

How do I care for my Bionic gloves?

Periodic washing removes grit and prolongs the life of your gloves. Bionic gloves are washable in cold water, gentle cycle of your washing machine. Lay gloves flat to dry. DO NOT put your gloves in the dryer.

Will the Bionic gloves shrink when they get wet?

No, Bionic gloves will mold to the shape of your hand. They will not shrink, nor will they get hard. If they begin to feel stiff, it is time to throw them in the washing machine and get the grit and dirt out. They will then feel soft again..

Do Bionic Gloves contain latex?

No. Bionic gloves are latex-free.


How Do I Care for My Barnel Pruners?

Barnel pruners are comfortable and long-lasting with just a little easy, special care. Keep making the easy cuts by keeping your Barnels well-oiled. These directions pertain to the high-tech Barnel pruners B7, B8, B807, and B808. These pruners have an oil reservoir. Look for the center bolt connecting the two blades.  Depress the ball bearing and add a few drops of Barnel oil. Oil will drain into the reservoir. Any time your pruners feel a bit “rough”, repeat this procedure. If your pruners ever stick open or shut, the pruners need additional oil.  There is no problem with over-oiling; the Barnels are a “thirsty” product and will require more oiling then your other pruners. If you have questions, please contact us.

Replacement Bumpers

B7 and B8 pruners will occasionally need replacement bumpers. These rubber bumpers are shock absorbers between the handles, making your cuts more comfortable. If the bumpers are totally worn out, they might pinch your palm. Contact us for a free replacement bumper.

Replacement Parts

Replacement springs, bumpers, locks and blades are stocked and available for B7s and B8s.  Contact us for assistance.


How do I assemble my new labels and stakes?

Assembly is easy, but a bit tricky the first time. Directions were included in your package, but if you are having difficulty, please contact us for further assistance. Need a link to a video also.

Can Harlane Garden Labels be cleaned?

Pale green labels can be cleaned with Tire cleaner, buffing and making your label “like new.”

Dark green labels should be wiped cleaned with an almost dry, slightly damp cloth (water only). Wipe lightly to avoid “graying” the lettering.

Can I make custom labels or include art on my labels?

Additional styles and sizes are available. Contact us to discuss individual needs. For example, hole location can be changed or omitted, label size can be customized, signs can be made and special colors can be ordered for your project. If you would like to include art, you must provide a suitable drawing in a .jpg format.